Odds and Ends

  • As I wrote in the previous incarnation of my website, one of my interests is odd ball geographic entities. The New York Times just did a story on St. Pierre and Miquelon, the last parts of France in North America.
  • The trailer is out for the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion”, which is a retelling of the story of the last 12 hours of Jesus. As can be expected, any movie about Jesus is going to draw a lot of controversy. The interesting twist that Mel is doing with this film is that the dialogue is entirely in Aramaic and Latin….two dead languages. The film is also much more graphic than any other version of the story which has been put to film so far. Just from the trailer, the cinematography and lighting look amazing. I suppose they could put more into that given how much they saved on the script.

    So far no one as been willing to distribute the film. Given the number of people that read the “Left Behind” novels, I’d think they’d have a built in audience for this that would at least make their $25m back.

    I mention all of this only because I think the idea of making a movie in Latin and Aramaic is really cool and I hope it starts a trend in movies to use the proper languages of the subject matter. Lawrence of Arabia was cool. If parts were in Arabic it would have been even cooler.

  • My favorite movie reviewer is James Berardinelli. He doesn’t write reviews for anyone, just his website. He’s been working on his all-time Top 100 movie list, adding a new film each week. He’s up to #23 now.
  • Philip Glass’s Etudes for Piano 1-10 are FINALLY coming out on CD. Its about time.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is total crap.
  • I’m now serving as the business manager for PVP. We have a new ad system in place now. Its all part of my master plan to screw Scott over.

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Yeah, the Latin and Aramaic will be pretty interesting. I wonder how many people will be watching the unsubtitled version on DVD?

I’ve actually read the first few books in that Left Behind series. They suck like there’s no tomorrow, as it were. Although I’m sure the direct-to-video adaptions starring Kirk Cameron are MUCH better.

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