Never, Never on a Sunday

I had two tests on Friday in physics and differential equations/linear algebra. I kicked the physics test squarely in the ass and did good enough on the diff eq test. This week I have two finals, in biology and differential equations. I’ll focus on Biology this week till the final on Thursday, then do DE all night Thursday, and have the next two weeks to focus on Physics exclusively.

I did some minor surgery on my aquarium yesterday. I got new metal halide lights, dismanteled the pump and cleaned it, and did a 30 gallon water change. I also cleaned most of the alage off and sucked a fair amount of it out of the tank during the water change. I’ll probably be doing some more with the tank today.
It looks so much better it isn’t funny.

I also replaced my broken stools in my kitchen with some I got at Ikea. They were 1/3 the price of what I originally paid. Ikea is like a bizzare mix of Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Abba.

I saw Harold and Kumar on Friday night. It was really funny. *** 1/2
I saw the Manchaurian Canidate last night. It was mostly better than the original, but the ending was sort of weak. ***

By Gary

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