My aching back

This week I have a physics test, a differential equations test, and a major quiz in biology. As such, I’m carrying all my textbooks around this week, which really really hurts. Especially my physics book which is HEAVY. This is a make or break week for physics. I have two tests and two problem left in the course, one of each are this week. My foucs is, and has to be, physics. Biology isn’t hard and the die has pretty much been cast on my grade for the course. DE is pass/fail and so far I’m above the mean. That leaves physics.

I went to Ikea on Saturday. Its like the stylish parts of Target at Wall-Mart prices, layed out like a Home Depot…….with Sweedish names.

I saw the Bourne Supremacy on Friday. 3.5/4 *

By Gary

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I know these look kind of dorky, but maybe you could get one of those little suitcases with two wheels. You shouldn’t carry more than 15% of your own weight on your back, at least according to my mom:)

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