My 2009 Blogging Year in Review

I set several goals for 2009 with my blog. I achieved most of them and the one I didn’t achieve was more a matter of not having enough time. Here were the goals I set out and where I am now:

  1. 5,000 RSS subscribers.
  2. 7,500 Twitter Followers
  3. Average 100,000 visits per month
  4. Have a book published
  5. Get my podcast on a regular schedule and done in a quasi professional manner

I made the 5,000 subscriber goal, even if I don’t include the inflated Feedburner numbers from Friendfeed. I have just over 5,000 with email and RSS subscribers.

The 7,500 Twitter follower goal was crushed long ago.

This Week in Travel has now gone 18 episodes and we are getting a lot of good feedback on the show.

I have contacted a publisher about a book, but haven’t had the time to pursue it. All my other goals have help my cause when I wish to pursue it, however. I might work on this in 2010.

The big goal that I didn’t know if I could do was the 100,000 visits per month. I did that in November. I’m at a 30 day run rate of 115,000 as of right now and might hit 120,000 in December. I’ll certainly stay above 100,000 for the foreseeable future (I hope).

My 2010 goals are going to be of a totally different. I haven’t finished a list yet, but I know they will deal more with Facebook, search traffic, and monetization.

By Gary

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