Melbourne Ahoy!

I’m really looking forward to getting to Melbourne and getting work done. I am finding it hard to find someone who can do PHP and help me make some changes to my WordPress template.

I’m on track for several of my Q1 goals:

  • I’ve already cracked the top 60,000 on Technorati. The top 50,000 should be obtainable by the end of March
  • I’ve hit 212 RSS subscribers. I’m aiming for 350 by the end of March.
  • My daily readers has increased to about the 400 range. This is on top of the RSS. Getting to 1000 might be difficult. It might require a big spike in traffic.
  • I’ll think I’ll get some sort of spike when I’m in Australia as I can spend some time on site promotion.
  • If you are reading this, please give me some feedback on what you changes you think I should make to

By Gary

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From what I have seen out there, if you want more regular readers you’ll need more of:

1) Lists — Top 5/10 [fill in the blank] — people love lists.

2) [regular feature] of the week/month — some kind of regular feature showcasing something unusual or interesting — something that can be captured with a photo, but not just a photo like your photo of the day

3) More “follow my trip” kinds of things — right now you have lists of places, but no mile counter, quick and easy map to view on the home page (something I know you have wanted to do), etc.

4) An easier way to get a “best of” the blog for new readers.

I like your website! I have a few suggestions:

1) Write more McDonald’s entries. It might be nice to have a big one soon that compares all the different ones you’ve been to so far, ideally written in a way that reflects on the “new colonialism” inherent in American exports or goes more than just skin deep into the differences between countries.

2) I’d like to see more blog entries about the activities you do, the people you talk to. Also, please integrate pictures more into the entries! For example, I really liked your entry on sushi 🙂

3) I agree about more lists, weekly or monthly regular features.

4) I hate hate hate how you don’t have easy ways to move forward and backward in time between posts. It’s really hard to start at the first entry of your trip and go forward from there.

Anyways, like I said, I really do like your blog a lot – partly because you update it a lot 😀

I as a person who usually doesn’t take suggestions easily, I actually like most of these.

I do try to integrate photos, but since I was in Sabah, I’ve been very bad about getting photos off my computer/camera. That is one of my goals for the next few days.

The inability to go forward and back is something with my theme. It is a high priority to fix.

I sat down the other night and calculated my milage so far. It is just a bit over 100,000 km.

you could almost use a theme like the webcomics use. Since you are essentially telling a story, it might make some sense.

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