Me, Myself and Ipod

I finally broke down and got myself an ipod today. I got the 40gb model. 40gb is just ridiculous. I took it out to Barnes & Nobel tonight and it worked flawlessly. The DC car adaptor worked well too. I have some small gripes about it, but nothing major so far.

BTW, what do you call a bunch of middle aged men with laptops drinking coffee? Barnes & Nobel Eden Prarie on Sunday night.

One of things I’ve been doing with this diet is exploring different types of cheeses. I’ve come to really like Gruyere, a cheese from Switzerland. Its usually used in fondue, but I’ve had a hard and soft version and liked them both. I even tried some limburger…………my god was that awful. Jarlsberg, Emmental, Gouda, Edam, and Roquefort are all cheeses I’ve tried recently. I can’t say I’m too big of a fan of blue cheeses, but I have come to appreciate the sharper, harder, and aged cheeses.

I’ve also been eating more nuts, but there aren’t a whole lot of nuts out there to sample.

If you have the chance to have bison, do it. Its more expensive than beef so its not an everyday type of thing, but its well worth the experience. Bison burgers rock.

At B&N this evening I started reading Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gullberg. Imagine a single textbook you could use upto graduate study in Mathematics. That is this book….almost. It doens’t go too indepth into anything, but it covers everything. I bought it just to have as a reference.

By Gary

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