I know what I’m going to use as a logo.

This was sort of a hard thing to think of. You want something simple but iconic. I also want to avoid cliched symbols like a globe and a compass.

The National Geographic logo was something they just sort of stumbled across when they put a gold border on their magazine 90 years ago.

There people out there who get paid big bucks to think up this shit. I knew that if I just waited long enough, I’d come up with something that worked and had a great story behind it.

It hit me last night….

My tattoo.

I’m going to use the image of the man on my tattoo. It has a backstory. It is iconic. It has a cool name (Tikitikitangata). And most of all, the god damn thing is burned onto my arm. I might as well get my money’s worth

This is something I’m comfortable with. Moreover, it will look really cool when I roll up my sleeve to show someone where it came from.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.