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The Gigapxl Project. Its is a group who are taking ultra resolution images of well known locations. By ultra resolution images, I mean images with so much resolution, they have taken photos of the San Diego skyline from across the harbor and were able to zoom in to see the contents of individual hotel rooms several km away. Not only are the photos they’ve taken stunning, the technology behind how they are able to do this is really interesting. Despite the name, they actually have to take the photos on film becuase there are no CCD’s capable of taking images of this resolution. They have some very ambitious plans on capturing many of the significant places around North America. I’ve been goofing around with Flock the last few days. I really like it so far. Its not so much a new browser as just an enormous plug-in or wrapper for Firefox. It has integrated Flickr and blog support. I’m writing this post with the built in blog tool. The use of is an idea who’s time has come. Using online bookmarks really a no brainer. I think this is something that Google could comeout with at anytime. Not only would it be trivial (for Google) to make, but it would be invaluable in knowing the relative popularity of the sites they index. The link for above is to the bookmark list I created over the last hour. If anyone else creates a bookmark set in, leave a link in the comments. Its an easy way to share interesting sites you like.

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