Its a heat wave. A tropical heat wave.

When you live in a cold weather state, the first day it gets really warm, everyone goes nuts. It isn’t a gradual thing, it just sort of happens on one day. Yesterday was that day. It got up to 69 and *poof* just like that, all the grass on campus was taken up by kids with frisbees and laptops. The motorcycles come out of the garage, people drive with their windows open, and its good all around.

As I write this, its 9am and already 60 degrees outside. We’ve crossed that thin, but very real line, where it doesn’t suck to live here anymore. We also have daylight again, which is good.

Of course, the way this usually works is you get excited, then nature throws one more blast of cold and snow on you just to show you who’s boss.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.