How to increase your Klout Score in 9 Easy Steps

1) Put all of your focus on Twitter. Despite the fact that they claim to look at other networks, the vast majority of any Klout score is just Twitter. Having a blog or a fan page doesn’t help you with your Klout score. Ignore everything else.

2) Auto-follow everyone. It doesn’t make a difference who they are, just jack your followers up as high as you can. Klout doesn’t care about how many people you follow.

3) Stop producing original content. Klout doesn’t care where content comes from, only that people retweet you. Content creation is a waste of time from a Klout perspective. Time spent writing is time that could be spent tweeting. You don’t get bonus points for being original in Klout.

4) Take part in every Twitter chat you can. There are tons of chats which happen every week on Twitter. Take part in all of them. Lots of retweeting going on with these events.

5) Follow conference tags. You don’t have to attend the conference, just use the hashtag a lot and retweet what others are saying.

6) Pump out lots of inspirational quotes. People eat this shit up. These are the Successories posters of Twitter. Try to do several every day.

7) Troll Reddit or Digg for links. Just find linkbait from other sources and tweet that. Remember, the title matters more than the actual content for getting retweets.

8 ) Take part in weekly hastag events. #FotoFriday #TravelTuesday #MexicoMonday Find as many as you can and take part in all of them.

9) Do not go on vacation. Being away from Twitter for even a few days will result in your “influence” going down.

Congrats! You are now influential. Enjoy the Klout Perks you will be receiving such as free tickets to the next Rob Schnider movie or cheap electronic gadgets which are no longer produced.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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Ha ha this is so true, especially the last one. I took about a week away from Twitter and my Klout score dropped 20 points.

At first this made me smile and then I realised…that some people will read this and start following the advice! Shudder.

Thank you much. Beyond how arbitrary the new method of scoring “relevance” is, I think we should be having more fun with the overall absurdity of all of it. Well done, and you win 100 internetz.

Also, go to my blog, and me me me, and check this out and I am important and relevant and I talk talk talk. There… my score went up +2.

I prefer quality vs quantity; so better have a klout score of 30, 20 or even 10 and be happy with myself, instead of having a klout score of 70, 80 and 90 and know that I “cheated” my way up there.

I found this post helpful,but I’ve been trying to Verify my account for some months now, with no response from twitter.So I created a custom background with the verified logo on my twitter page.I do design these if you want me to.Just follow me @TheGreatHisham and tweet me . Cheers to all.

Scary. My friend RIP passed away last week but his auto tweets continue.
His Klout score is a 78!
Now that’s influence.

Nice one Gary!

I always suspected that you and Klout will never be best friends. But look at it from the bright side, where else can one fake himself “influential” by simply throwing out good headlines with garbage underneath?

Safe Travels!


Nice and snarky :). I think people who cheat Klout like the ways you’ve shown don’t have real influence, just artificial influence.

Well i just hope the folks at klout read this so they can refine and tweak their algorithms and analysis, so the influence measurement score can be more realistic and representative.

This is way better advice than “stay away from people who aren’t important” and “unfollow people once they follow you back”.

Thanks for putting this list together! I just might give it a try 🙂

If you go dead for some days your score will go really really down

Find RSS feeds and plug them into Twitter via an RSS2Twitter service. Until recently I’d never posted a line to Twitter but discovered I was one of the Internet’s movers and shakers via Klout.

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