Girls don’t make passes at 30-something men who take classes

My class load this fall is much lighter than it was last year. My courses are:

Oceanography – 4 credits and a 1000 level course. If I don’t get an A I will shoot myself in the head.

Isotope Geology – 3 credits. I’m the only undergrad in the course. So far its really not challenging. Its just math. I just need to actually do the problem sets on time.

Structural Geology – 3 credits. The labs are harder than the class by a lot. Having taken field camp makes this course much easier than it otherwise would be.

Earth Systems – 3 credits. So far its all been climatology and atmospheric science.

Seminar – 1 credit. I show up to a seminar once a week and write up a report. Pretty simple.

My Thursdays and Fridays are pretty much empty with only one class per day. I have to give a presentation on my trip to Argentina this Thursday and start preparing the 100kg of samples we returned. Fun times.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.