Farenheight 51

I read once that Jews in Europe considered it bad luck to drop a book, and if they did they would kiss it after they picked it up. That was how much reverance they had towards reading and literature.

Today I cleaned out my bathroom of magazines.

For most of you, you might have a magazine or two in your bathroom, but I had a lot. I mean a LOT. Those of you who have been to my house know what I mean. I had so many, I had a serious fear that they would collapse and bury someone while they were on the toliet. I wish I had taken a photo. Five years worth of magazines, journals, newsletters, and books. Everything from the Planetary Report, Forbes, tropical Fish hobbiest, and Foreign Affairs. I think it was like 6 boxes of magazines. Probably better in terms of quality and quantity than most high school libraries.

I feel bad about throwing away any literature. I’m not a pack rat in general, but I can’t throw away periodicals. I always want to have them around for reference, even if I know I’ll never read it again.

On a positive note, the bathroom is once again safe, even though you wont learn as much while your there.

By Gary

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