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Everything you need to know about Klout and the Travel Industry

This was taken from a recent article in Wired. It is from Klout product director Chris Makarsky:

It became clear that if I wanted more Klout, I’d need to game the system harder. I could glom on to influential Twitterati and connive to get retweeted by them. I could dramatically accelerate the frequency of my tweets, posting late into the night. And I could commit myself to never taking a break: Makarsky made it clear that a two-week vacation from social media might cause my score to nose-dive.

So, going on vacation will cause your Klout score to drop?

Allow me get to all Aristotelian on this:

1) People who travel will, all things being equal, have lower Klout scores than people who do not travel.
2) People with higher Klout scores are more “influential”.


3) People who do not travel will be more influential about travel than people who travel.


If you got a bloody nose thinking about this, I apologize.

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