Cold enough for ya?

As the US suffers thought a heat wave this summer, its important to note that half of the world considers these months to be winter. Actually, its been one of the coldest winters on record in South Africa.

The purpose of this post however is not to start a debate on global warming, it’s to make note of this quote found in the above linked article from

Weather Service spokesman Siyabonga Mthethwa said a deep low pressure was pumping moist air and gale-force winds onto the southern coast.

But despite the devastation and record rainfall, the rains and icy weather were not particularly out of the ordinary for a southern hemisphere winter in South Africa, he said.

“Although there have been some records broken it is a normal winter …

Because record breaking is of course normal.

By Gary

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If you think the “records are being broken, therefore climate change is out of control” logic is bad, check out this article at Slate, wherein the author seeks to prove that it’s getting hotter by citing the increase in air-conditioned buildings over the last few decades. Which leads me to believe the U.S. must be getting much bigger, too, since a hundred years ago almost nobody had a car, and now almost everybody needs one just to get from home to work!

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