Back to School

The fall term started today. The campus is a mad house. I cant wait for the freshman to start skippin class, getting drunk and dropping out so it will ease up a little around here. It seems like I’ve been out of class a lot longer than two and a half weeks.

I took the bus today. I took it because it gives me an extra 90 minutes of time to read each day and saves a lot of money. I also live near the bus terminal.

I’m between classes right now. I have two hours until my physics lecture starts at 12:20, then I have pretty much 3 straight hours of classes, then 2.5 hours off, then a three hour lecture from 6-9pm. I’m on campus 12 hours on Tuesdays. It isn’t as bad as the summer however, because I have days where I’m only here a few hours.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.