A random walk down 9 de Julio Avenue

Sitting in Sed/Strat lab today listening to 89.3, and one of their random, eclectic songs came on the air. Someone asked who it was, I search on my laptop and came up with the name Gotan Project.

Never, ever heard of them before.

Been listening to clips from their website all day and finally got around to buying some tracks off iTunes this evening. Its sort of a tango, electronic fusion. Watch the video on their website. It contains two of the three things Argentina is best known for: tango and beautiful women. (the third being asado.
I had the chance to experience asado while in Argentina, and it was with out reservation or doubt, the best meat I have ever had in my life. )

My entire history of music listening can be described by a series of these random events which wisk me off in another direction. We’ll see if this one goes anywhere.

*Note: Despite the Argentinean overtones, the group is actually French.

By Gary

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