The Pillsbury Doughboy

I started going to the gym again. When I last had a health club membership, it was something I did because I knew I should do it, but going was a chore. I went once a week and going once a week is like not going at all. Now, I want to go. I can’t … [Read more…]

Hail Caesar

I watched the TNT mini series “Caesare” tonight. Its too much story to put into two episodes. Hell, just Caesar and Cleopatra took 2 hours in the movie Cleopatra and that didn’t deal with anything prior to the defeat of Pompey. The mini series does appear to use a fair amount of CGI in the … [Read more…]

On the right and the left…

One of the things I’ve noticed in my travels that that nations which drive on the left hand side of the road tend to be islands. Most of the island nations I can think of all drive on the left: UK, Ireland, Australia (an island for the purpose of this discussion), Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, … [Read more…]

True, oh so true

This months Wired Magazine has a column by J. Bradford DeLong discussing the productivity of computers. He writes: In the spring of 1994, I wiped the game Civilization off my office computer. I wiped it off my home PC. I wiped it off my laptop. I threw away the original disks on which it had … [Read more…]

First they came for the handwriting analysists…

According to Slashdot, cursive writing is going the way of the dodo. I’ve been talking about this for a few years now. I haven’t written in cursive since 3rd grade, save for my signature. It appears from the comments that I’m not alone. I have easily written more in Graffiti than I have in cursive … [Read more…]