Calling all geeks

Here’s the deal. I don’t use Microsoft Office anymore. It’s not some grand political statement, but rather a practical decision. I have several Office Upgrade CD’s in my house, but nothing I can put on my machine. Moreover, I don’t want to install Office because it tends to take stuff over and the alternatives are pretty good. I have Abiword and Open Office installed on my primary computer. The only complaint I have with open source office software is that the spell checking could be better.

For email, I’ve been using Outlook Express. It gets the job done, but there is nothing special about it. I need some sort of calendar software, but I don’t want to use Outlook. Outlook Express doesn’t have a calendar. Mozilla email doesn’t have a calendar program either. Any suggestions?

By Gary

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I’m using Evolution 1.4 which is almost as good or better than Outlook Express. It has a good looking calendar although I prefer paper & pencil. You’d have to switch to a Linux distro but would still have AbiWord, OpenOffice, Mozilla (among others). Otherwise OE is it.

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