What A Normal RSS Feed Should Look Like

Just to provide some balance, I want to give an example of a site which looks normal and provides a good analogue to the Romeuy site.

Also above me in the Blogging Idol contest is

The site is professional looking has as a very definite niche. If interior design is something you are interested in, this is a site you’d be very interested in. My guess is that the number of blogs dealing with this subject is much less than the number dealing with gaming.

Like, the site has only been around for a few months. Unlike Romeuy, however, we are talking almost an order of magnitude fewer subscribers (low hundreds, not low thousands). This shows good growth, but it doesn’t jump out as fishy.

Hits are greater than subscribers. When you see a spike in subscribers, you see a spike in hits. It isn’t monotonic. After spikes, you still see small dips. There are no massive drops in subscribers. The big increase in subscribers occurred a full week after the contest started.

This looks like a standard subscriber graph. Every major site I’ve seen shares the same characteristics:

1) Feedburner hits > Feedburner subscribers
2) No monotonic increase in subscribers.
3) No extreme daily drops of greater than 75%

By Gary

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