Taking web voyeurism to a whole new level

There is nothing which hasn’t been done online. Nothing.

People have set up cameras so others can watch them eat, sleep, poop, and have sex.

I’d like to do something for all the voyeurs out there who like to live vicariously through my slice of the web. I’m going to let everyone see my homework.

I’m sorry if its not as racy as cyber defecation, but its the best your going to get from me.

Here is my last week’s homework assignment from my math class (I got a 49/50 on it. I got a point deducted for not stating x is not equal to y on question 2.13) and this weeks assignment (not yet graded). Some of the answers might not make sense if you can’t read the textbook.

Why am I doing this?
1) Shame is a powerful motivator. If I screw up royally, my failure will be public, which is all the more reason to not screw up.
2) Someone might learn something, or at least start up a discussion.
3) Its different.

I have a paper in my astronomy class I’ll post on Friday after I turn it in.

I re-ripped Akhnaten last night because I was missing Disk 2. I was listening to it most of the day on my ipod. It is by far my favorite Philip Glass opera (and my extension, my favorite opera….not that I’m familiar with that many to begin with)

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.