Rocks, Julie Stiles and Satan

In addition to my research and classes, I’m also the TA for two sections of Geology 1001 on Monday.

The vast majority of people in Geo 1001 will never take another science course again. Ever. They’re taking it to fulfill their science distribution requirment and that’s it. As such, the course isn’t too hard to teach. I like to think that at the end of the term, they should have a Discovery Channel level of knowledge of how the world works.

I’ll probably have more updates on this as the semester progresses.


They are remaking The Omen. The original movie was really god damn scarry. There was little in the way of blood and gore, but it had the awesome score by Jerry Goldsmith (who also did the score to Patton) and a story that you could let a part of you believe just enough to be scared.

There are some movies which should never be remade, and some which absolutly must. I think the Omen falls in to the first category. They got it right the first time, so it will be difficult for them to top it. Some of the casting also has me worried. Liev Schreiber as Robert Thorn is fine (he was in the Manchurian Canidate, another movie that didn’t have to be remade), but Julia Stiles as his wife has be scratching my head. Mia Farrow as Mrs. Baylock should be OK. Pete Postlethwaite as a priest will be great. (remember the Pakistani guy from The Usual Suspects??)

The one really interesting thing about the remake, if you look at the IMDB listing for it, you will notice under “original music” the name Jerry Goldsmith….who died last year. I’m not sure if thats good or bad. His music made the original. If they rehash the music, then the movie is just a retread of the original. If they do something too different, it could ruin everything.

I’ll have to wait until 6/6/06 to find out I guess..

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