Quick update

I’m home, but very tired. Here is a quick update listing some things I did in Hawaii:

  • Went to the top of Mona Kea, and stood at the highest elevation I’ve ever been at (just a hair under 14,000 feet)
  • Got to see the largest telescopes in the world (Keck 1 &2, Subaru, Gemini)
  • Walked on all sorts of lava flows and quickly destroyed my shoes.
  • Swam on the world’s only green sand beach.
  • Stood at the southern most point in the US
  • Swam with a sea turtle
  • Added 3 more national parks to my list
  • Walked in rainforests and lava tubes
  • Saw the steam plume from an active lava flow entering the ocean.
  • Slept out under the stars about 10ft from the ocean.

It was a good trip.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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I hope you have photos to go with these bullets — sounds pretty sweet.

Are you coming to Drew’s Friday night? You should. It would be good to see you!

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