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Please shoot me

I’m feeling in as bad a mood as I have been in, in a long time. I don’t know if that last sentence makes any sense, and right now I don’t really care. I got up at 4am to do my Isotope Geology assignment and its been downhill from there. I misinterpreted part of the lecture notes so I got one part wrong, and I forgot to print out the last page of the assignment. Here is the offending document for those following along at home.

I’m serioulsy doubting the wisdom of having gone down the academic path. Its not that I find anything hard, its just the mindless busy work you have to do in labs. Its not like we’re doing real lab work like you would do in chemistry. Its just labs for the sake of having a lab. I’d rather have another hour of lecture each week.

Top it off, I have some weird pain at the base of my tailbone, and I’m almost falling asleep on my keyboard.

There is a small, but very loud part of me, that really wants to throw in the towel, sell everything, and hit the road with no forwarding address.

By Gary

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Seems to me that PhD is as much about paying your dues as it is about learning a discipline — a method to weed out those who aren’t really serious about sticking with it. Science has lots of busy work, I guess.

But, the reality of a mood like this one is that it will pass…..

Suck it up, soldier. One day you’ll be able to dump humongous amounts of shitty busy work on hapless grad students and cackle with glee in the revelation of your revenge.

Of course, I did chemistry, so what do I know.

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