Phase 2

I’ve contracted some people to help me get a few more of my new projects online:

– Desktop Wallpapers – I purchased a script which manages collections of wallpapers and have hired someone to customize the script to work with my site. The goal is to just leverage my photos to drive more Google traffic to my site, which has been lacking. I’ll also be watermarking the wallpapers with my logo.

Moving off Flickr – I’ve installed Gallery2, which is an open source, PHP, application designed to manage photos. It will make it easier for Google to index my photos and drive Google image traffic to my site. From now on, all the photos used on my site will be linked from here. This should increase my Google Image traffic dramatically over time.

– Facebook Application – I am getting a small Facebook app written which will display a travel photo every day.

Hopefully, this will all drive more organic traffic.

I have also started applying to affiliate programs. They will be showing up on the above sites once they launch and then slowly on the main site depending on performance.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.