Oh holy legislature

I’ve had discussions with people on differen issues (term limits being one) where a common argument used is how we need “experts” in the legilature, not the common folk. The assumption is that laws are passed by a well oiled machine. Or if not a well oiled machine, than by competent people. Or if not competent people, then at least people who read what they are going to vote on at least.

If that happens to you, bring up this gem. While your at it, remind them about this.

There is a group that is trying to get a constitutional amendment passed that would require:

  1. a public reading of all bills before they are voted on.
  2. seven day public notice before a vote takes place.

This would, in theory, eliminate sneak, late night voting when members are not in Washington and would all but eliminate enormous bills with line item spending if a quarum of members have to sit and listen to the bill being read.

By Gary

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