Music Roundup

I’ve been running out of music. I got gigs of it, but I need something new. Help me here people.

  • I got the new Fiona Apple album, which is just a rerecording of the album that Sony never released. On the whole, I prefer the unreleased album. They just added more production and slowed songs down so you could understand the lyrics. There is one new song which is nice.
  • Kristen Dunst has a play list up on iTunes. She has “God only Knows” by Langely Schools Music Project as one of her songs. I told you she was adorable… (actually she’s probably a nut job for all I know. I don’t want to sound stalkerish)
  • On a somewhat related note, I downloaded the Elizabethtown soundtrack from iTunes (where I buy everything now). I’ve been listening to “Jesus was a Crossmaker” by the Hollies and “Shut Us Down” by Lindsey Buckingham.
  • I also downloaded some singles from Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall that I didn’t have. I’m downloading some Hank Williams as I write this.
  • I’ve been trying to listen to artists I liked from the SXSW music download that was offered last year. They had a gig of free music from all the artists that were there. I did buy some stuff from Keren Ann, so who says free music wont lead to sales. I should also note that its hard to make a purchase decision after listening to a song for 30 seconds.

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Check out Royksopp.You might also like Muse, Ocean Colour Scene, Happy Apple, David Holmes, or The Moog Cookbook.

I find online radio can solve my music fatigue. Personally, I’m a big fan of SOMA FM (the Indie Pop Rocks station is good if you are into that kind of music).

Do you have any Black Keys?

Seth has a 160GB hard drive full of music from when we were at Stanford and he’ll be here for the MinneApple. I’d anticipate that has some music you don’t have.

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