Cnet, a company with whom I have had past relations, recently purchased They got rid of all the content and promised to bring the site back “new and improved”. Well its back.

They aren’t using any of the content from the old site, and now they aren’t even using the domain name. WTF was the point of buying it in the first place? Did they need to create The only possible reason I can think of as to why they’d do that, is to remove the competition, but considering the music was free anyhow, that probably wasnt necessary.

The one thing I really miss from was the music of Robin Alciatore. Thankfully, she appears to have her own website up now, but no MP3’s yet. At least she does have a stream on Live365.

By Gary

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Thank you for your kind words and your interest in my music. My website now has several mp3s you can download, and more will be added in the coming weeks. Thanks again for listening!!
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