Media Update

I don’t watch much TV anymore, but just on the basis of this clip I want to start watching Lost.

I didn’t get to see Serenity last night, so I’ll try to see it tonight. I ended up seeing Picnic at Theater in the Round. I’m honestly suprised that I’ve never heard of it before. The 1955 film adaptation is pretty star studded with Kim Novak, Cliff Robertson, and one of my all time favorites, William Holden. The performance was very good.

Tomorrow night is a big night in the world of professional wrestling. Monday Night RAW moves to the USA Network and they have a big 3 hour show where they appear to be pulling out all the stops. For the first time in serveral years, there is now competition on television in pro wrestling. Its a good thing. Since WCW went under and was purchased by the WWE, wrestling has slowly gotten stale and boring. As with everything, some competition should liven things up.

By Gary

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