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Thanks to a link from Scott Fitchet, I installed Audioscrobbler, a plug-in for iTunes that will upload what music I’m listening to. You can see my list here. If there is a way to get the 10 most recent songs updated live on my site, I’d like to do it.

I’ve also set up an account on Flickr. I have my phone set up to send photos there and I’ll eventually move my digital photos there too I think. It seems much more robust than what I was using before.

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I have the CF Scheduler grab a static copy of the XML feed every few hours and then the data is loaded into the application scope with the XmlParse( ) function. I’m sure that PHP has some XML parsing scripts and that you can use “crontab” if you want to speed things up by cacheing them.

dack has a cool new movie/pick/feed service whereby you can get RSS/Atom OR Javascript-pulled, style-ready HTML. If you can’t get your scrobbler going I can just spit you out a feed like this (the kicker is that while their plug-ins are open source their database and gateway are not).

The cool (useful & realistic) part about was that I could pick someone as an “expert” without them having to acknowledge me as a friend.

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