Lets change the subject

Enough talking about school. I’m there 10 hours a day most days. I write about it becuase its takes up so much of my time. However, its not the only thing I have going on:

  • I help Scott Kurtz manage advertising for PVP. I can really tell that the economy is picking up. We’re getting a lot more requests for advertising, and the summer is traditionally a slow time for it. Scott will also have a brand new online store for t-shirts and such up and running later this month.
  • About 5 years ago, I help found a company (now) called SwiftKnowledge. We picked the absolute worst time in history to start a software company. The next several years were ones of extreme anxiety. Despite all the turmoil, everyone involved hung in there and stuck it out, and now the company is doing much, much better. They are on the verge of profitability. I do not, and have not, played a day to day role in the company, so its not as if I can take credit for their success, but its nice to have played some role and see them finally starting to kick ass. They just moved into new offices about a block from my house. That’s what spurred this mention.
  • Jed correctly pointed out that the solution to y’= y is kex. I always forget the constant. ex is a solution, but on the general solution.
  • CPS is starting up in a week. It is looking to be about twice the size of last year’s camp. I’ll be lecturing here and there and helping out.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.