Late night thoughts

Tomorrow the extended version of The Two Towers comes out. The extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring was MUCH better than the theratical version, and I expect the same to be true for the Two Towers as well.

Sometime after Thanksgiving I’m going to have a back-to-back showing of both extended versions of both movies in glorious Garyvision. If you suck up to me enough, I might invite you over. (the home theater is the only power I have over people, so I might as well use it as much as I can)

My carpet anenome is gone. Poof. I’m amazed because its been through so much and I wouldn’t have thought that an upset stomach would have been the thing to do it in. I’ll need to find a substitute for my clownfish. Perferably, something not quite so mobile and prone to knock over rocks.

I’ve now lost 10 pounds on this diet. I really feel much better than I did before. I don’t know if its the blood sugar or the fact that I haven’t had any caffene in over a week. I have rediscovered the salad. The low carb diet isn’t all meat, eggs and cheese. Most veggies are fine, and salads in particular are great. I’m ashamed to say that the salads I have made in the last few days are the first salads I’ve ever prepared myself. Ever. Granted, its salad in a bag, but I’ll take victories where I can get them.

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I know in some cities they are doing a triple feature on December 16th of the two extended editions followed by ROTK. It’s sold out here in San Francisco (and has been for weeks)

Storyline aside, the extended version of the movie will look better on your TV. Because they have to split it up over two DVDs, they encode each half at a higher bit rate. If you compare Fellowship’s first release with the extended release, the first one was much, much softer. They increased the bitrate for closeups and some of the fight scenes, but a lot of the distance shots of New Zealand’s landscapes are quite soft.

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