Jesus vs General College

On the way from Pillsbury Hall to Coffman union, I passed two groups. One was a group doing a “sit in” in front of Johnstone Hall protesting the decision to get rid of General College. None of the people there looked like they attended GC and there were only 6 of them. Over near the chem building was a preacher (its warm outside, so its preacher season) with a group of about 50 people debating him.

Thoughts on the two groups:

1) The movement to save GC is doomed because the only people I’ve seen who care about it are people who work for GC and those who want GC to boost diversity numbers. Minnesota has one of, if not the best, community college systems in the US. There is no need for GC. Moreover, the GC graduation rate is 30% after 6 years and over 50% of those who attended GC said they wouldn’t do it again. A college can’t be everything to everyone. It has to have its niche, even if its as big of a university as the U. After seeing the poor turnout today, I don’t think the administration has anything to be worried about.

2) These guys on campus who preach can argue their position far better than those who walk up and argue. They have spent years studyin the bible and working their apologetics out. Most of the students who walk up to argue are making arguments on what they “think” is in the bible. What I would really like to see is someone start arguing with them from a different christian perspective. I don’t know where these guys lie, but it would be funny to see a heated debate on the merits of infant baptism. I don’t think they’re ready for that.

Petrology is now done. I have to finish my paleontology paper by friday.

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I don’t know about your answer on #2. Through the benefits of my own fundie Christian I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-cult upbringing, I am far better prepared to debate against other Christian beliefs. Give me the amillennialism vs. the rapture, instrumental music in worship or women’s role in the church anyday over trying to defend whether Jesus was the savior or just a good carpenter.

When your only source is one book, you’ll get further when the person you are conversing with feels it’s a nonfiction rather than a fictional book.

Seems this is a case study in the difference between a “debate” and just bitching.

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