Its in the cards

I’ve never been a big business card guy. I know the exchange of business cards is norm when meeting people in business situations, but I’ve never carried them with me. They always got bent or something, which looks worse than not having a card at all.

But last night I decided it might be a good idea to carry some around. I don’t know why, but i did. The thing is, I have no real business to hawk at the moment, so what would I put on a business card, or a non-business card as the case may be?

Well, obvisouly your name and your phone number are a good start. I have no home phone anymore, just a cell phone, so that’s all I got for that. I have no fax number, so that’s out of the question (faxes are too 1980’s). You got to have your email of course. As I have a website, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put the URL on it. It is the 21st Century now, so you should also put all relevant IM information on it: ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo. I have an ametur radio license, so that could go on there too. You should have a physical address so people can mail you stuff (9 digit zip of course), and because we do live in the space age, why not put your latitude and longitude on there as well? (I’ll have to set up the GPS and go outside and get the exact choordinates today)

Put it all together and I think you got the geekiest business card ever made.

BTW, does anyone have Skype installed? I have it on my main machine, but have yet to use it because I don’t know anyone else with it installed. I’d like to play with it if nothing else. You can search for me via my email address in Skype.

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You might picture me wearing a tinfoil hat while writing this, but I’ve heard a enough about Skype installing junk (and the EULA leaves is wide open to have spyware in the final build, apparently) on my machine that I’ve avoided it.

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