It works. It really works.

You’ve probably seen the TV ads where some product (usually a cleaning product) will show how another product works and then reclean the same thing and kick the previous product’s ass. Usually, its a load of crap, but today I had an experience which belongs on a commercial.

My house has a central vacuum system. For the most part its pretty nice, but the attachment that lets me vacuum the rug is only so-so. Seeing that I’m moving anyhow and wont have a central vacuum anymore, I figure I should get a decent carpet vac. I bought a Dyson.

Holy crap.

I vacummed the same exact I just vacuumed before and it picked up a ton of crap. Crap from what looked like a perfectly clean carpet. It was amazing. There are very few product I’ve ever been blown away by, but the Dyson is one. If you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner, spend the extra money and get a Dyson.

Dyson: it sucks hard.

By Gary

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Amen. My only regret about our Dyson is not getting it sooner.

1) Central Vacuum: you got tubes running all over the house and you plug in to the wall. There is a shop vac like thing in the garage.

2) Near the University of Minnesota.

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