I’m so retro

Is the wristwatch going out of style?

I haven’t worn a wrist watch in years. I never really did to be honest. Like the article says, if I want the time, I usually have my cell phone handy.

The only reason why I am bothering to write this is that I recently purchased a wristwatch. (MSRP is nowhere near what you pay retail for it btw. Its much less.)

To be honest, I really like it. Its a very heavy watch. Its a very technical watch, but technical in subtle ways that a digital watch is not. For starters, its a solar powered watch. You’d never guess by looking at it becuase there are no obvious solar cells. The cells are below the face of the watch , which lets light pass through it. It also show time in UTC on the face, which I think is great. I don’t know why, but I always like knowing what UTC is. (UTC is not exactly the same as GMT btw.)

It also has a slide rule type tool on the rim you can use to do simple navigation calculations. I have no need to ever use it, but its pretty cool. It also has a power saving feature where if it is out of the light it will stop movement of the hands and speed them back to current time when its in the light again. If my watch is in my sleeve for too long, when I take it out I can see the second and minute hands zoom to the present.

I can’t really pin down the reason I wanted a watch, espeically a (mostly) analog watch. Fashion may very well have been the determining factor. Men don’t have a lot of options for accessorizing. I have no desire to put in another earring (yes, I had one once). I can’t see myself wearing a ring. A necklace isn’t me. I don’t like to think that I’m a slave to fashion, but maybe the fact that men don’t wear watches as much anymore appeals to my contrarian nature.

I really don’t care. I like my watch.

By Gary

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