I need your help…

I don’t really know how many people read this site. I know I’ve had people come out of the blue and tell me they read it, but other than the Apple fanboi incident, I really don’t suppose I get that much traffic.

I do want some help on something(s) from the few people who do read it. In particular:

1) I need a new image for the top of the site. I’m looking for a collage of photos I’ve taken. You can find those on my Flickr account. The text in the image is actually text and not part of the image, so you need to put the white space in. I have no talent in Photoshop.

2) You may or may not have noticed that I don’t have an “about me” part of the website. I’ve tried doing it, but I can’t write stuff about myself. I just can’t. Everything comes across as boasting or self deprecating. I have a Friendster profile, and I don’t have anything written about me there either. What I’d like is for one or more people to write and “about me” section for me. Feel free to do it in the comments, expand on what other people write, or email me. Feel free to be honest. I can’t get my feelings hurt. The only requirment is that you have to know me in real life, not just through reading this site.

You have your assignments. Godspeed.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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So, this is the next wave of “user-generated content”? Have you gone meta on us?

Born a hermaphrodite, Gary Arndt spent the first six years of his life being displayed as a curiosity throughout the southwestern United States while traveling in the company of a former roadie for Molly Hatchet. Eventually finding a more permanent home in Gobbler’s Knob, Indiana, he spent the rest of his childhood and teen years making a living by juggling the offal of local fauna in the town square in exchange for Arby’s coupons from the passers-by. He is a graduate of the Barbados College of Dental Assistantry, where he received the prestigious “Honorable Mention” award for his impression of a coked-up Charleton Heston in the school talent show (later rescinded).

Presently, Gary’s interests include the life cycle of lint, ethnomathematics, parasailing with parapelegics, and working on a metric to quantify the wackiness of sports bloopers. He lives in Parma, Ohio, with his companion, a budgie named Lyle.

I think Sean is right on, it even has a budgie in it- which really, is so you…


You should make your new site logo a link back to your main page. When you read the comments, there’s no way to get back unless you use the back button.

I’d email you, but your email address isn’t anywhere on here. Email me or something.

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