How improving my page speed increased my pages per visit

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When I took a day and worked on improving my page load time, I didn’t know what the impact would be. I wasn’t thinking in terms of quantitative improvements to my site.

To my surprise my pages per visit has almost DOUBLED since I implemented the changes!!!

From August 1-17 I averaged 2.35 pages per visit.

On August 18-19 I averaged 4.52 pages per visit!

That is a 92% increase in just 2 days!

Granted, this is only a 2 day trend and it is possible that things could go back to normal, however, the past two days would have been among the highest I’ve had ever. The other big days were back when my site was more basic.

I’m going to see if this continues over the next week or so. Regardless if it stays this high, one of my next projects is going to be making my archives easier to browse and putting a “best of” list of my favorite posts up on my main navigation area. Both of those features should encourage more browsing when people discover my site.

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I don’t know. I did get a traffic boost, but it wasn’t enormous and usually traffic spikes don’t effect ppv. That number tends to stay pretty constant over time.

This could be an anomaly. I wont know for a week or two.

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