Google Maps

One day companies will realize the success of Google is because they make stuff that doesn’t suck. Their mapping system is very nice.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.

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Wow. that is a good mapping program.

Another great Google product is Google Scholar. I have started using it for debate research and found some amazing stuff. The U of MN lets you use “Google Scholar through LUMINA to gain off campus access to all the articles and journal subscriptions the library has already acquired for you.” It’s amazing.

I had a session with some librarians at the UofM. They seemed ambivalent about Google Scholar. If anyone can get access to anything, it sort of infringes on their turf.

Along the same lines is the PLoS (Public Library of Science). Journals (particularly obscure scientific ones) are really really fucking expensive to subscribe to. There is no real reason for such a high cost and the publishers make a killing.

PLoS turns the model on its head. You pay to get published and the subscription is free. It makes way more sense. It will take time for the establishment inertia to accept journals like this, but I think change will be inevitable.

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