Dirty Pretty Things

I saw Dirty Pretty Things today. Oddly enough, I just saw Ameile last night. While Audrey Tautou is given top billing and is on the poster, she’s not really the focus of the film. Nonetheless, she’s great.

If you’ve seen Amelie, you might have a hard time envisioning her as anything other than Amelie (which is a testiment to how well she nailed that role). Dirty Pretty Things is in english and she’s plays a Turkish character. There is no hint of a French accent. She’s not Amelie, but there is still an intrinsic cuteness about her. Think Audrey Hepburn with an edge.

There are some overseas stars who have been able to make it big in Hollywood (Jackie Chan, Jean Reno, Jet Li) and I think she has big bucks written all over her.

The lead in the movie is Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays a Nigeran doctor living illegally in London. He does a great job of playing a good man in not so good circumstances.

Overall, the movie is very very good.

I also saw SWAT on Friday. It was very so-so.

In sum: go see Dirty Pretty Things now. Wait for SWAT to appear on cable.

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I got to see a press screening of this movie and I was really impressed with it. I was blown away by Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performance.

The movie is being promoted horribly. The trailer would make you think it was a non-stop thriller.

One of the best I saw this year.

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