Crush on Radio

I’ve just discovered Visqueen. As usual with music, I’m always a day late to the party.


I heard “Crush on Radio” driving home on 89.3 The Current (The MPR alternative station for those of you not in the Twin Cities) I immediately went home and purchased it on iTunes.

89.3 has a huge variety of music, which is a good thing. Its a way to hear stuff you’d otherwise never hear. They also keep a log of all the songs which have played going back at least a month. I think they are going to begin archiving their playlists.

What I don’t understand is that they only have links to their own public radio music store, and no links to something like iTunes. I’d guess there is a lot of money they are leaving on the table from people who don’t want to buy and entire CD right away, they just want the song they heard on the radio. I’ve probably purchased a half a dozen songs from iTunes based on what I’ve heard on their station, and for every one I had to go to their website to get the name of the song, and they never got a penny of my purchase from Apple. I don’t think I’m alone.

If they are going to annoy me to give them money, the least they can do is take advantage of the money making opportunities they have.

By Gary

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Lehto and I saw Visqueen at the Triple Rock once, and had no idea who they were. They were opening for the Soviettes. Anywho, they are a real treat live.

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