[bragging on]

Ok. This is another school post then I’m going to shut up on the subject for a while. I’m also going to brag and toot my own horn because I just impressed myself.

As your probably have read, I took Differential Equations/Linear Algebra pass/fail. I had the credit already so I just needed to brush up on it. I also had two other classes and I wanted to put my focus into those because I had to take them for a grade. As such, I blew off DE most of the summer. I didn’t do a lick of homework and the textbook is still in mint condition. My studying consisted of nothing more than reviewing lecture notes the morning of a test.

I got the highest score on the final.

All those grade points gone to waste.

I also got the 2nd highest score on my Biology final (48/50) and clinched the A.

[/bragging off]

By Gary

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