A brand new me

My health regimen is going well. Very well.

The solution is pretty simple and there are no tricks. I’m eating less and hitting the gym more. I’m only eating when I’m hungry and then I’m eating just enough to take care of my hunger. I’ve placed no real restrictions on what I can eat. If I’m hungry, I might get a small bag of chips or an apple. I’ve been to McDonalds once, and then I couldn’t even eat everything. Save for a glass of wine, I have nothing to eat at night.

The change in eating habits has really been the biggest change. My eating habits were horrible. I’d eat just to eat. I’d order more than I’d need, I’d eat when I wasn’t hungry, and eat things which probably weren’t the best for me. Believe it or not, one of the biggest helps has been chewing gum.

The length at which I can run a decent pace has increased substantitally. I’m not ready for a marathon, but the improvements are obvious.

From a weight standpoint, I’m entering areas I haven’t been at in almost a decade. I can feel some small changes every day.

I’ve lost about 13 pounds now and I have another 12 to go before I start doing weight training. I’m being pretty wide eyed about what I’m doing and what is going to happen to my body. As I lose weight (good), I’ll also be losing some muscle mass in the process (bad). If I continue my current way of doing things forever, it could lead to problems where I’m losing weight, but doing it at the expense of muscle mass and not really reducing my fat/muscle ratio.

Once I hit the goal I’ve set, I’m going to begin to try and reverse any muscle mass I’ve lost. This will be through lifting weights and consuming more protein. While I’m doing this, I will probably stop losing weight and possible even gain it as my body is producing denser muscle mass.

Also, as I lose weight, the calories I expend every day just going about life will decrease as I am carrying around less. This will require an increase in my energy expenditures at the gym, which shouldn’t be much easier than it has been, because I’ll be carrying less around.

I’m hoping to hit my intermediate goal in about 2-3 weeks. I’ll let you know how its going at that time.

By Gary

3 dimples. 7 continents. 130 countries.