Contests and Spending Social Capital

So, USA Today has been running a series of weekly contests for travel social media people where you vote for the best whatever. This week it was photography and I was put on the list. Hooray for me. It is nice to be recognized by an outlet as prestigious as USA Today. I’m here to … [Read more…]

Engagement, Metrics and How Blogs Change

I’ve been focusing the last several months on engagement. In particular, social media engagement. For the purposes of this discussion, “engagement” is just making a countable, one click action to share or show approval with a piece of content. In particular, in this post I’ll be talking about engagement with posts on my travel blog. … [Read more…]

Tools I Use to Manage My Travel Blog

I am often asked what software I use to keep my site up and running. Here is a someone complete list of everything, and the reason behind why I chose it. I actually put very little effort into website maintenance anymore. It really isn’t necessary. I have a set up that is relatively secure and … [Read more…]