My gift to the world

Ladies and Gentlemen. After a great deal of experimentation, I give you to and the world my contribution to the science of mixology: Gary’s Sour Caesar. 1 shot of gin 1 shot of lemon juice 1 can of diet coke Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly!

Washington Week in Review

The tournament in Washington was better than expected on the whole, but I wish we had gone a bit farther in extemp. The team placed in the Top 5 in Speech and the top 5 overall (speech + debate). We also had a finalist in prose/poetry and a national champion in Oratory. Tim only made … [Read more…]


So much for updating the site more frequently. I’m off to Washington Tomorrow for the CFL (Catholic Forensic League) Grand National Tournament. The irony of the tournament is: 1) Its not very Catholic (mostly public schools), 2) its not very national (mostly east coast and Midwest schools), and 3) its not very grand. I’ll be … [Read more…]

Now, where were we?

As you can see, everything is totally different. I scrapped the old system, installed MovableType, and soon will redo the entire interface. Right now its looking pretty vanilla, but give it time. Databases and stuff I can figure out, layout and colors and such are beyond my expertise. I very much like this new software. … [Read more…]